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Going Beyond Your Logo

10th Jul 2017

Starting a business is hard work. There is strategy and planning, turmoil and fretting, enthusiasm and relief all at the same time. It is a bit like all of the emotions you experience while watching The Bachelorette, except you shout a bit more in real life. The list of jobs is entirely excessive, and of course never ending. In actuality, Santa Claus himself will definitely be rolling in his sleigh in the list (and checking it twice).

Their job list could fill an encyclopaedia, and 1 request I hear all too often from enthused start-up dreamers is to whip up a symbol like that may be the exact clincher to launch them to infinity and beyond. The emblem can frequently become the revered Holy Grail of the brand itself, as though that bewitching vector picture alone will catapult them from the dilapidated share house and to the Taj Mahal (I am right there with ya in that fantasy). Well, a symbol is obviously of enormous importance as a visual representation of your service or product.

Lots of men and women begin all starry eyed and whimsical without giving due consideration to the remaining branding landscape. You aren’t only your logo, just like Apple isn’t only a fruit. Success isn’t based on a adorable and irresistible little picture independently, but at the why, what and how of your enterprise. You have gotta do more than stamp your mark on a website and a business card you have gotta get fluent on your infant, carrying her voice and tone across every platform and moderate.

Sure, your logo is super important and should evoke the types of euphoric feelings you get when you start a parcel you bought on the internet on a dreary Tuesday morning, but actually it is only the starting place for a recognisable and effective brand. The emblem is but a zippy, magical part of a bigger puzzle which creates a brand and company take off.

Imagine if you had a symbol but you used different fonts, colours, images and tone of voice across all of your security? It doesn’t matter how good your logo is; if your brand is not thought through, consistent and deliberate, it is going to get lost in the sound.

A Great Logo is Nothing If Not Applied Well

If we are not advocates for a excellent logo I do not know who is, but we also know that a terrific emblem applied poorly is like having a really ridiculously good looking boyfriend who does not understand how to string words into a concrete sentence.
Similar could be said for your logo. Sure, it must appear great, but when it can not tell a excellent brand narrative, speak with your audience, or devote to your longevity, it is not doing your brand justice. Having a amazing emblem is the first step to creating an unbelievable brand, but you have got to have a couple more non-negotiables to make the relationship last. Your brand, the consistent slow-burner that converts excitement into loyalty along with a second-glance right into another bedroom. You need your customers to feel your brand, your offerings and your own products, not just watch them.

The quickest way to losing your hard earned clients is having an inconsistent experience. I get my chai in precisely the exact same place every morning. Yes, partly as a result of habit, but also because I know my neighborhood will create my chai the exact same manner they made is the day before that, and the day before that. Consistency. If every day was a bet as to if my milk was likely to be burnt, if the chai was likely to be overly sweet or when the barista was likely to be grumpy, I would be out of there in a second. Consistency is essential. If someone sees your killer symbol, expecting an equally as epic site however is greeted by word artwork and an early 2000s consumer experience, they are not likely to stick around long. Your target audience need a more cohesive and consistent experience. From business cards, with comps slips, packaging, site — these items will need to be as on point as your logo so as to create not only a good looking brand, but an epic new experience.

Branding You Can Count On

A logo in and of itself will bring you loyalty. And while one of your competitors might be able to take home the trophy for being the most economical supplier around, the rest of us rely on storytelling through our brand to leverage gain and provide our customers something to genuinely connect with.

You might pay for a logo, but it’s the considered, consistent, well-crafted branding that will provide the return on investment and deliver customer loyalty in spades.

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